Worldline Micro Market

R+R Hub have teamed up with Blueprint Interiors to integrate one of our Micro Markets into a 14,000 sq foot office interior refurbishment project for Worldline. The project involved our team working collaboratively with Blueprint Interiors in order to seamlessly integrate our solution into the fantastic new Worldline office space in Beeston, Nottingham.

The Challenge

Worldline made the strategic decision to move their head office to Beeston in order to have a more central base of operations in the UK. Their goal for the space was to “inspire and motivate our people, enabling them to collaborate, invent and work to the best of their abilities”.

With this goal in mind, the decision was made to implement an R+R Hub Micro Market into the space alongside the redesign being completed by Blueprint.

What did we come up with?

This project was exciting for us, as with such a big space, we had the freedom to create the best solution for the people at Worldline. The full office redesign made our jobs that much easier and exciting.

The space needed to be somewhere that employees could access fresh, healthy food, drinks, and snacks easily and quickly. To do this, we enlisted the help of our local partner, Posh Nosh. With the help of Posh Nosh, we are able to provide fresh catering solutions alongside our Micro Markets while maintaining the convenience of the “Grab, Scan, Go” philosophy that a micro market can bring to the workplace.

The strategic partnership between ourselves and Blueprint Interiors resulted in a hub that we’re sure everyone at Worldline will love!

The result

Worldline now has an attractive, healthy, and convenient food and drink solution seamlessly integrated into their new office space in Nottingham.

Also, not only are we providing fresh and healthy food through our hub with the help of Posh Nosh, but we also teamed up with Street Safe to allow us to recycle any food waste that is generated from our hubs.

We will also be pushing this ‘Zero Landfill’ policy out to the rest of clients in order to reduce the amount of waste produced from our vending practices. In addition to this, any fresh food items that are not eaten will be donated to the homeless on the streets of Derby!

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