Smart Fridges

A smarter, fresher approach to food in the workplace.

What are smart fridges?

Our smart fridges couldn’t be simpler, present your chosen payment method – make your selection – away you go! They are the ideal solution to offering refreshments within the workplace when space is limited.

These innovative smart fridges are the perfect hybrid between a micro market and traditional vending solution. Providing your employees with access to a range of chilled fresh food and drinks all via contactless payment methods.

All of our smart fridges are convenient, secure, easily accessible and regularly restocked by our operators with a range of fresh options that meet the requirements of your staff and your taste buds.

Why choose one of our Smart Fridges?

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If you are looking to provide refreshments in different locations within the same site, or you have less than 100 employees and a micro market isn’t the right canteen alternative, our smart fridges could be the perfect solution.

Partnered with one of our vending machines, your employees will have access to everything they need to stay refuelled throughout their day!

Why not customise this solution with your own company branding or even create a bespoke unit with our high quality cabinetry surrounds to match your existing breakout area, allowing it to sit seamless within the workplace.

Arrange a visit to our showroom to see just how easy our smart fridges are! We have a refreshment solution for every situation so why not give us a call to discuss through your requirements.

Benefits of a Smart Fridge

Our smart fridges boast a range of benefits that make them an excellent canteen alternative.

  • Range of Fresh Food Items
    From salads, sandwiches and wraps to heat and go food items, plus a wide range of chilled drinks to choose from.
  • Completely Cashless
    Pay using a variety of cashless methods such as contactless, apple pay, google pay.
  • Compact Solution
    Allows you to offer refreshments in a variety of locations without taking up too much valuable space
  • Innovative Technology
    High end technology available through a variety of solutions, from weighted shelves to smart locking systems and more.
  • Sales Analytics
    Customisable sales reports allow you to track which products your employees love the most.
  • Bespoke Surrounds
    Feature your own branding on the machine or for a more premium feel create a bespoke surround for a seamless integration.

Workplace Refreshment Solutions

Enhance your refreshment offering with our simple to schedule weekly deliveries. Whether it’s fruit, milk, spring water, buffets or even a tasty treat box, we’ve got you covered. The great news is that all of our refreshment options are available as a one off or weekly delivery, enabling you to order to suit the needs of your employees and your workplace.

Nothing beats a good chat over a cuppa!

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