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Enhance your workplace culture and wellbeing with our simple to schedule office food deliveries.

Fresh Food Delivery Service

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When it comes to maximising your employees’ potential, creating an environment that inspires them is a major factor to consider. One of the best ways to boost your team’s morale and performance is with the help of our regular fresh food delivery service.

Regular refreshments that your employees can tuck into at their own convenience play a huge part in helping to facilitate a culture based on health, care, and a wider commitment to simply ensuring that the working day is a pleasure for everyone. So whether it’s fruit, milk, spring water, buffets, or even a tasty treat box, our office food deliveries have got you covered.

The great news is that all refreshment options in our fresh food delivery service are available to businesses in Nottingham and Derby as a one-off or weekly delivery, enabling you to order to suit the needs of your employees and your workplace.

All Your Workplace Essentials Delivered To Your Door

Benefits of Consolidating Suppliers

Do you currently use several different suppliers for your workplace refreshments? Take advantage of using a single supplier for all of your office food delivery requirements by partnering with us.
Let’s make life easier.


A single point of contact for a variety of needs, helping to save valuable time and effort. Streamline the entire process, from ordering through to billing.

Cost Savings

We will ensure you receive the most suitable and cost-effective solution for your company, all whilst reducing your purchasing and processing costs.

Customer Support

Consolidating will result in better relationships and improved service levels. With a dedicated account manager your needs will always be our priority.

Order via our Web Portal

Ordering for your workplace refreshments just got simple!

We’ve launched a brand new web portal, making ordering easy and efficient. The portal is designed with you in mind, allowing you to place orders, review order history, and even favourite items for quick and easy checkout on your next order. As an account customer, you’ll also have access to discounted prices and special offers.

You Order

Place an order via our client portal at a time that suits you.

We Deliver

With complete flexibility, choose from a daily, weekly, or ad-hoc delivery.

Everyone Enjoys

It’s that easy! Regular refreshments that your employees will enjoy.

Nothing beats a good chat over a cuppa!

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