Micro Markets

A place where teams can catch up, collaborate and come together.

What is a Micro Market?

Micro markets are unattended, cashless, retail spaces with secure self-serve checkouts, where employees can pick and choose refreshments to suit their moods, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The idea for the Micro Market was conceived and introduced in 2015 and in the past five years they have replaced lots of vending machines across companies all over the world. The Micro Market is unique in the sense that it looks like a modern convenience store but has some of the functionality of vending and refreshment services.

Our micro markets are bespoke in their design, keeping your brand and business in mind every step of the way, ensuring it is able to deliver on every possible level whilst keeping your employees happy in the workplace.

We have selected a product range with variety firmly at the core of our offering. We all have our favourites and we all like to try something a little different from time to time. If fresh is best, no problem. Fancy a meal deal? Easy. Hot or cold, fruity or savoury, food or drink, we’ve got something for everyone.

Why Choose a Micro Market?

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How many of your employees go to one of the high street coffee chains on their way into the office, for meetings or to simply take a break?

Now, with R+R Hub, you can bring that experience into the workplace and make it the heart of the company.

Our hubs create a happy and engaging environment where people want to come and work, socialise, or take a break.

They will transform your current breakout area or canteen facilities in the workplace into an inviting, engaging, and rewarding space resulting in a fantastic impact on your company culture.

However, Micro Markets go way beyond snacking and chatting!

They can become a powerful extension of your brand, boost your culture and act as a touchpoint for your wider company values.

As our micro markets are designed to be totally customisable, the style, look and overall feel of your hub is up to you and your team.

Our hubs boast a huge selection of fresh foods, snacks and beverages, giving you a perfect cost effective alternative to canteen facilities in the workplace.

Benefits of a Micro Market

Micro Markets bring many benefits to both the employer and employees. With too many to list, here are Our Sensational 6!

  • Open 24/7
    As our hubs are unattended, cashless, and self-serve they are open all day, every day! So regardless of working hours or shift patterns, there will always be a refreshment offering.
  • Variety
    Our hubs can cater to everybody’s requirements, in fact, we can stock 400+ items. So whether it’s vegan nibbles, sweet treats, or hot drinks, we push to keep things interesting for your workforce.
  • Employee Satisfaction
    Employees that know they can access high-quality refreshments and enjoy them in a vibrant and modern surrounding feel far more satisfied.
  • Workplace Wellbeing
    A great breakout space with a fantastic refreshment offering is key to building a strong workplace culture that boosts morale and staff wellbeing.
  • Stunning Settings
    Banish those boring breakouts and canteens with a stunning setting that reflects and elevates your brand. Install a hub, a heartbeat, a place where your team can catch up, collaborate and come together…
  • Easy Payment
    Our hubs boast a contactless self serve till which is great for efficiency. We’ve even added the option to pay via our mobile app and be rewarded in the process.

How do our Micro Markets work?

Inspirational breakout spaces with a fantastic refreshment offering are key to building a strong workplace culture that boosts morale and pays attention to wellbeing. Our hubs are designed to operate in such a way that they are able to boost productivity, employee well-being, as well as become a key social hub for the workplace.

It’s as simple as Grab + Scan + Go


Feeling fruity? Go with it. Perhaps you fancy a savoury snack? That’s all good with us. The choice is yours.


We like to keep things nice and easy.
Simply scan your items, then present your chosen payment method, and you’re all set!


We’ve designed the entire system to work seamlessly. It saves everyone time and hassle whilst providing great choices for all.

Our Technology


A dedicated separate broadband line so as not to interfere with your own internal IT systems. This connection will be used to process all payments, access the CCTV, provide live sales data and to manage digital media content.

Digital Screens

These super sharp displays provide a fantastic opportunity for you to showcase your latest news and announcements. They also double up as our ever-changing menu and promotion boards.


With our integrated CCTV, your hub can be open 24/7 with minimal concerns over security. So regardless of shift patterns, there will always be a refreshment offering available.


Our tills come equipped with a large barcode scanner and touchscreen for easy selection. Payments can be made using a variety of cashless methods, such as card, our mobile app or payment on account.


With our account card, each department can treat their team or visitors, with purchases being billed monthly. Also, why not talk to us about linking this to your door access system.

Mobile App

Our app allows you to access rewards and offers, place orders and view your account history. You can even pay for purchases in the hub by simply uploading credit, or attaching your preferred payment card.

Product Variety

The products that we offer appreciate the complexities of diets and dietary requirements that shape the way that people eat today. We have created our options with variety firmly at the core of our offering, as we all have our favourites and we all like to try something a little different from time to time. Fancy a meal deal? Easy. Hot or cold, fruity or savoury, food or drink, we’ve got something for everyone and we ensure to cater for all dietary requirements.

Food Options

We all have our favourites and we all like to try something a little different from time to time. If fresh is best, no problem. Fancy a meal deal? Easy. Hot or cold, fruity or savoury, food or drink, we’ve got something for everyone and we ensure to cater for all dietary requirements.

Meal Deals

Who doesn’t love a deal? Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or an afternoon treat, we’ll have regular offers available throughout the day

Fresh Food

Regular replenishing means there will always be the freshest food available ready for when hunger strikes

Hot Food

From porridge to soup and even microwavable meals, there will be a hot food option no matter the time of day.


It’s important to keep hydrated throughout the working day, with access to a variety of hot and cold drinks you’ll be spoilt for choice.


Whether it’s healthy or indulgent, sweet or savoury, there will be something for everyone

Dietry Requirements

Just like fashion, food is subject to trends, revivals and periods of frenzy. We ensure to cater for all requirements.

Our Offering

Our hubs go way beyond snacking and chatting. They help you to transform your office culture, becoming the beating heart of your workplace, as you continue to build and develop a happy and engaging environment where people love to work.

Self Checkout

Our seamless service crushes queues and puts you in control.

Customer Experience

Designed for ease of use and a break time boost for all.

Increased Productivity

Staying fuelled and hydrated will keep your employees focused.

Product Variety

Something for every palette and passion, every diet and desire.

24/7 Unmanned Solutions

Making it easy to keep refreshed and refuelled any time, any day.

Total Satisfaction

You’ll love our service, products and our fresh approach.

Our Process

  • Initial Meeting
    Let’s discuss your requirements, space, budget, and ideas, and together create a bespoke refreshment solution for you and your team.
  • Site Survey
    We will carry out a site visit to measure, check your facilities and ensure that we can bring your ideas to life.
  • Visuals
    Following feedback on the initial design, we can create a 2D visual and digital sample board. This stage is chargeable but only payable if you choose not to go ahead.
  • Contract
    We have hopefully exceeded your expectations both on design & costs and sign a contract
  • Installation
    From signing the contract it will take between 6 – 8 weeks for installation, with the install itself taking between 2 – 5 days, depending on the size of the project.
  • Welcome To Your Hub
    Now your hub is all ready to go, you’ll be assigned an account manager and an operator will attend as agreed to stock and replenish your hub.

Micro Market VS Vending Machines

Traditionally businesses have relied on vending machines to provide their employees with a snacking option throughout the day but in recent years the micro market has taken precedence thanks to its capacity to provide much more than just quick, easy food. So, what are the real differences between the micro market model and vending?

Higher volume of products

While a traditional vending machine might only have the capacity for around 40 products, your average Micro Market is going to be able to stock anywhere between 150-400 products, meaning that employees are going to benefit from much more choice. Because of this, there is much more opportunity for a Micro Market to cater to varying different dietary requirements (gluten-free, vegan etc).

Fresher, healthier options with a Micro Market

It’s no secret that people are becoming more interested in health and the foods that they consume and for those that are health conscious, a micro market is a great option. Fresh food options are more readily available because the product can be restocked daily, unlike a vending machine that will typically have pre-packaged food.

Because of this, a micro market has the advantage of being both convenient and healthy. It’s important that business owners and managers consider the benefits that this can have for their business. Employees consuming healthier food items and avoiding processed items will likely be able to concentrate on tasks better, will feel better and will subsequently be able to achieve more at work.

Layout, space and sociability

While vending machines tend to be placed in meaningful places in offices, the space around them is rarely maximised to create a social area for employees to relax. The opposite is true for micro markets, which will encompass breakout spaces where people can catch up with colleagues, unwind and even hold informal meetings. Micro markets can be seen as a hub that employees can get together around, whereas a vending machine lacks the same social benefits.

A different kind of self-service

Clearly, there are a number of distinguishable differences between traditional vending machines and a Micro Market. Though the vending machine is a choice that has been around much longer, some might argue that its offering has become outdated in terms of choice, scope and its place in modern working environments.

The Micro Market has the benefit of acting as a ‘hub’ within the workplace, creating somewhere not only for employees to refuel but to socialise too. Meetings of all kinds can take place around a Micro Market and it gives businesses the opportunity to convey their forward-thinking nature and commitment to maintaining high levels of morale and wellbeing for their employees.

Workplace Refreshment Solutions

Enhance your refreshment offering with our simple to schedule weekly deliveries. Whether it’s fruit, milk, spring water, buffets or even a tasty treat box, we’ve got you covered. The great news is that all of our refreshment options are available as a one off or weekly delivery, enabling you to order to suit the needs of your employees and your workplace.

Nothing beats a good chat over a cuppa!

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