Why Ice Creams can be the perfect way to reward employees

July 22, 2021

Why Ice Creams can be the perfect way to reward employees

When the sun is shining, there is one thing we all crave, and that is the dairy delight of an ice cream. Whether you are poised by the beach or hard at work, a long summers day deserves a cool treat. The dulcet tones of the ice cream van coming around the corner brings back many happy childhood memories and some sweet relief in the hot weather, so why not bring a taste of that joy to work too?

Ice Cream Month

July not only welcomes the summer but also Ice Cream Month! This fun celebration is designed to encourage people to indulge in a treat that dates back as far as Ancient Greece. Its popularity has never diminished, with even Charles I trying to keep the recipe a secret to stop the common man from having access to it. Thankfully, we can all enjoy it now!

The most popular ice cream flavour is still the classic vanilla, but there is now every possible variation you can think of to enjoy such as mint choc chip, salted caramel, rum and raisin. There’s some weird and wonderful options too from bourbon and cornflake, horseradish and brown bread and even marmalade, love it or hate it, there really is something to suit everyone!

Cooling Rewards

Knowing the sun is beating down outside when your staff are hard at work can influence the motivation of your team. That is why providing rewards and incentives can be a valuable tool in keeping everyone on track.

It might sound simple or even silly but offering ice cream as a reward can be more appreciated than you might think. A round of ice creams on a hot afternoon can be the perfect way to lift morale by providing instant gratification. It boosts the mood of everyone in the workplace, stimulates staff engagement and is a small token to show them that they are appreciated when we all know they would rather be somewhere else.

Ice cream can be a fun pick-me-up that will get people talking and help them plough on to the end of the day. With increased productivity and a happier atmosphere, your business will benefit as your workforce will feel more fulfilled. Given that ice cream is a winner for most people, why not offer it in your workplace? It could be a small gesture that makes a big impact with your staff!

What is even better is the fact that you do not have to take time out of your business to do this. R+R Hub can deliver ice creams to your workplace in their refrigerated vans. It really couldn’t be easier to give your staff that cool, creamy goodness!

So pick up the phone to one of the team as they would love nothing more than to discuss all things ice cream with you!

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