What are your staff perks?

August 27, 2021

What are your staff perks?

We all like a little treat, but work is not the place we are used to expecting them. However, getting a few little perks in the workplace has been shown to have a range of benefits both for the individual and for the business itself. A good cup of coffee and a slice of cake is known to make most people smile, so its not surprising that these are the kind of things that are valued in the workplace too.

Why offer perks?

When it comes to staff management, recruiting good employees and retaining existing ones is one of the biggest concerns a business will have. It is easy to think that pay rises are the only ways to keep people happy, but it has been shown that there are much cheaper and more effective ways to put a smile on people’s faces.

When your staff are happy, they are not only more likely to stick around, but also to be more productive during the time they actually spend at work. Those who are rewarded for their work tend to feel more motivated, and not having to spend time and money recruiting and training new staff to fill the gaps of those who move on also serves to make a business more efficient.

Perks can also play a part in creating a culture about your business that will be much talked about. When you develop a reputation as a good employer, people want to come and work for you, and as many as 38% of workers rated benefits as the second biggest reason to join a business.

What perks can you offer?

When you decide how to reward your employees, you need to think about who they are. This will help you identify what they are more likely to appreciate and how this should be presented. There has been a tendency to think of employee benefits as taking the form of medical insurance, flexible working or gym memberships, but perk culture is getting much more creative these days.

Food related perks are becoming more and more popular. It is inexpensive for a business to offer good quality tea and coffee, fresh fruit, or a piece of cake, but it is the kind of thing that many staff members value highly. The COVID-19 lockdowns meant that more people began working from home and those businesses who once offered free or subsidised canteens have decided to close them due to their being less people in the workplace. Replacing this with vending machines and micro markets means your staff can still enjoy fresh food and drink on demand, all with the benefits of contactless payments.

Regular refreshments that your employees can enjoy really helps to maximise their potential and offering services that include healthy choices and good quality food will be more appreciated than many other perks. Providing these services shows that you care about your employees, their wellbeing and their happiness, which creates a huge loyalty and dedication to the business.

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