The Rise Of The Coffee Snob

September 17, 2021

The rise of the coffee snob

A cup of coffee is now a staple in almost everyone’s day, and whilst we would once fight over which brand of instant we preferred, the stakes are now much higher. If you have ever stood behind someone who has asked for a triple, venti, half sweet, non-fat, soy, caramel macchiato then you have probably witnessed a full coffee snob in action, but the truth is that most of us are now leaning towards becoming a coffee snob of sorts, and that shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing.

As we have been offered more choices by coffee chains, we have gradually moved towards increasing the intensity of our coffee. The extra shot now helps to give us the kick we really crave, and then we begin to care about the type of roast and which country each bean came from. A true coffee ‘expert’ will know that there are more flavour compounds in coffee than there are in wine.

These leviathan coffee shops have also recognised our collective sweet tooth, and tempt us with treats like gingerbread syrup, lashings of whipped cream and, of course, chocolate sprinkles. Our waistlines hate them, our dentist hates them, but for some coffee drinkers, they are almost impossible to resist.
Then there is the milk! This is no longer semi-skimmed versus full fat, now we have to choose if we want it to come from a cow, a plant or a nut. With so much choice on offer, it is no wonder that we have all turned into a coffee snob to some extent. These cafes have taken us on a journey that has meant that we want this type of coffee wherever we are, whether it is at home, on the train, or at work.

The origin of coffee

We don’t mean who drank it first, but where the beans that made your latest cup came from. Most coffee drinkers are now more educated in where their coffee comes from than ever before, and it means that they are making informed choices in what they drink.

As well as the taste, the fact that coffee is fair trade and sustainable is now very important to most coffee consumers. They want to know that they are not damaging the part of the world that their coffee comes from, and many major coffee brands use this as a large part of their marketing.

Coffee at work

We all have at least one coffee ‘snob’ at work, and if you don’t think you have, then it’s probably you! Coffee snobbery is creeping into more workplaces as the expectations of employees rises. By offering great tasting, varied and sustainable coffee at work, you are more likely to see a happy and productive workforce who feel valued, satisfied and enjoying a little bit of a caffeine buzz.

We are proud to say we too have developed a coffee snob culture at R+R Hub and have in fact employed a professional who can talk all things coffee. So, it only makes sense to announce we have also partnered with the local celebrity and independent coffee roasters, 200 Degrees, to offer great tasting coffee within the workplace, so bin the tin of instant and banish the dodgy old school vending machine and join us on the coffee snobbery journey.

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