The Benefits of Walking Meetings
and Food on the Go

June 21, 2021

The benefits of Walking Meetings and Food on the Go

We all know that it is important to keep your business moving, but what if you take this literally?

Walking meetings are now being suggested as an alternative to a one to one or a brainstorming meeting and micro markets are the perfect way to combine the two.

The Benefits

It is thought that a walking meeting can help to combat an otherwise sedentary lifestyle, as an office worker hitting the recommended 10,000 steps a day can be quite a task. Moving your meetings outside will not only increase your daily step count but will help certain parts of the brain function better, it is thought to actually improve creativity by as much as 80%. It is also a powerful tool in reducing mental fatigue and helps to restore focus and productivity. With walking meetings being shown to reduce feelings of isolation and burn out they are an added benefit for those of us who have spent the last year and a bit working from home.

Top Tips

If you decide to organise a walking meeting, you will need to think of how you intend it to work. First of all, choose a route or a destination to avoid wandering aimlessly or even getting lost.

Remember, there is a limit to how wide any path will be, so keep your walking meetings to small numbers. This makes it better for everyone around you as well as ensuring it is a workable number that allows everyone involved to participate properly whilst still building working relationships.

Take refreshments with you to ensure you keep hydrated.

Food On The Go

Most meetings now involve refreshments, making it more enjoyable whilst also increasing the sense of togetherness. Traditionally, the food provided for meetings is not always healthy and if placed in the centre of the table people are not always mindful of what they are consuming. Switching to a walking meeting does not mean that the offer of refreshments has to change but it is likely to encourage people to be more mindful of their choices opting for fruit on the go over a custard cream.

The right foods are shown to increase productivity, so including these in a walking meeting can have great effects. With the new concept of Micro markets, which enables employees to grab and go from a variety of refreshments, you will be able to opt for a fresh bean to cup coffee and a piece of fruit or a nice cold drink with a lunchtime meal deal. Fuelling the body the correct way is vital, and micro markets allow businesses to provide food options that are varied, fresh and packed with nutrition and means employees are less likely to skip meals, keeping them nourished and productive.

It goes without saying that there are obvious benefits to getting more exercise, but walking meetings bring a raft of advantages that most businesses can enjoy. Combining them with fresh and tasty food and drink options creates meetings that are for the good of everyone and will bring the very best out of your employees.

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