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The benefits the Micro Market bring to the workplace

A Micro Market is a revolution in workplace refreshments and can help you to completely transform the way that your workforce not only eats and drinks at work but also interacts and engages with their colleagues and their workplace environment. Offering quick and easy access to healthful, tailored food choices, the opportunities for staff satisfaction are endless – so what are the resounding benefits of choosing a Micro Market for your workplace?

They offer more variety

Everybody has their preferences and favourites when it comes to food, and with a Micro Market, you can cater to everybody’s requirements. The average Micro Market can stock anywhere between 150-400 items. A Micro Market has the advantage of being adaptable and providing unrivalled choice.

Improve workplace satisfaction

A satisfied and happy workforce is one that gets results for the company, and the installation of a Micro Market can help to facilitate this. Employees that know they can access high-quality, healthy meal and snack options at work and sit comfortably somewhere to enjoy them are going to feel wholly more satisfied – and that translates into better results for your company as a whole.

Improve employee health

There is no getting away from the fact that our diet plays a huge part in our health, overall sense of wellbeing and performance at work. A Micro Market provides the opportunity to help to improve diets and encourage employees to eat more healthily with fresh fruit options, diet-conscious snacks and even foods that adhere to different ways of eating such as gluten-free and vegan. If employees feel compelled to improve their diets, it’s likely that their lives, in general, will improve, and that positive attitude can only mean great things for the business.

Open 24/7

This one is really key to what makes a Micro Market such an accessible and progressive option for workplaces today. Core hours and designated breaks are becoming a thing of the past and are being replaced by flexible working hours and a management approach that gives employees more autonomy. With this in mind, it’s important to look for a workplace refreshment solution that can keep up and a Micro Market really can. Employees can access it 24/7, meaning that whether they are working shifts, overtime or have come into the office early to crack on with a lengthy project, they know they’ll be able to sustain themselves and refuel at a time that fits in with their working day.

Reduce extended breaks

Everyone needs a lunch break to refuel, gather their thoughts and relax, but when a person’s lunch break exceeds the time it should, this can slow down projects and stifle momentum. A Micro Market can help to alleviate this problem because employees no longer need to leave the workplace. An on-site facility also means that employees can make the most of their breaks and enjoy them without having to get in their car to sit in traffic and join queues at the local convenience store.

Ease of payment

When it comes to making payments, cash can be longwinded and can increase waiting times. The Micro Market boasts a contactless self-serve till which is great for efficiency and keeps things easy for the consumers. With R+R Hub there is also the added option to pay via our App, where employees can collect points and be rewarded in the process.

Opportunity to create a multi-functional breakout area

What do you want to create with your breakout space? A place for employees to spend time away from their desks? Somewhere for collaboration and team talks? A hub that acts as the focal point of your business and creates a strong brand image? How about all of the above? A Micro Market really can be whatever you want it to be and your breakout area can have several different layers, ensuring that it can perform multiple functions.

A more environmentally-friendly option

Is your business conscious of becoming greener? If you want to help to protect and preserve the planet, a Micro Market can help you to do that, especially if you choose our services. All of the food provided comes in eco-friendly packaging and keeping food waste to a minimum is one of our top priorities, which is why anything that isn’t sold will be donated to a food bank. R+R Hub can also offer the complete refreshment solution, buffets, milk, water, etc, therefore lowering your carbon footprint.

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