Showroom Launch

Practice What You Preach!

How could we convince our customers that our offering was the perfect solution if we didn't practice what we preach! Before the launch of R+R Hub, the breakout space for the staff of our sister company, Cema Vending, looked very different. Embarrassingly so.

We knew from the start that the American terminology and concept of a Micro Market meant nothing to employers of the UK. So to fully portray the refreshment solution we wanted to install our own hub, not just to have a wonderful showroom for potential customers to visit but to show our staff across the 2 companies that we were working towards a better way of working and that we valued their wellbeing.

The Design

Working with freelance designer, Darren Cotton, we began to bring our thoughts and aspirations to life. We didn't want our hubs to be a replica of the modular solutions our competitors were offering. We want to stand out. We want to work with companies that offer a strong workplace culture that boosts morale and pays attention to wellbeing. We also wanted to offer our own staff a comfortable breakout space where they can enjoy their lunch or catch up with colleagues whilst enjoying a nice cup of coffee.

When we received the visuals we were blown away by what we could achieve in such a small space. However, we felt that something was missing and we hope you agree that the addition of some greenery, provided by Urban Planters, against the natural tones was a winning combination.


Working with local shopfitting company, P&R Interiors we bought the visuals to life and we could not be happier with how the project turned out. The transformation, from a dark, cold, uninviting space, to a warm, cosy and welcoming area for our team to have lunch and take a few moments to themselves during their busy working day.
It's a space we are proud to show off and welcome visitors to. A space we feel speaks and sells itself.

Why not book a visit to come and see our showroom? You can have a play with the equipment that potentially could be in your very own hub. Get in touch to arrange your showroom visit

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