Our New Wheels

October 30, 2020

We’re On The Road

Some may not find this exciting but for us buying our first set of wheels was a big deal. It meant we were mobile, we were ready to start delivering on our offering and we could not wait to show it off!

Meet Burt our newest team member! A company van is vital to enable us to deliver on our all-encompassing offering, with ambient, chilled and frozen, offering variety across our 2 core solutions will never be an issue for us. From snacks and confectionery, milk and fruit, buffets to ice creams, we can deliver you a wide variety of refreshments, all in one journey!

We couldn’t wait to put an R+R stamp on the van and the whole team had input on the design. You’ll notice no side is the same! We wanted the van to raise brand awareness while being bright and eye-catching. If you’re in the Nottingham or Derby area, keep a lookout for us on the roads and give our friendly team a wave!

Watch This Space

We have some very ambitious growth plans over the next 5 to 10 years not only to grow our team but our fleet too. Not only do we hope to get more ‘Burts’ on the road we plan to go electric and are already starting to make changes at our offices to allow for electric vehicles to charge safely by installing a security fencing ready for when the time comes.

Our Delivery Service

One of the best ways to boost morale and performance within the workplace is with great refreshments that employees can tuck into at their own convenience. With our offering, you don’t need to have a hub to be able to access our workplace refreshments. You can simply schedule a regular daily or weekly delivery. Order to suit the needs of your business from our range of products including, fruit, milk, spring water, buffets, and company treats. All available to businesses within the Nottingham and Derby areas.

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