Product Variety

We have created our options with variety firmly at the core of our offering.

Food Options

We all have our favourites and we all like to try something a little different from time to time. If fresh is best, no problem. Fancy a meal deal? Easy. Hot or cold, fruity or savoury, food or drink, we’ve got something for everyone and we ensure to cater for all dietary requirements.

Meal Deals

Who doesn’t love a deal? Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or an afternoon treat, we’ll have regular offers available throughout the day

Fresh Food

Regular replenishing means there will always be the freshest food available ready for when hunger strikes

Hot Food

From porridge to soup and even microwavable meals, there will be a hot food option no matter the time of day.


It’s important to keep hydrated throughout the working day, with access to a variety of hot and cold drinks you’ll be spoilt for choice.


Whether it’s healthy or indulgent, sweet or savoury, there will be something for everyone

Dietry Requirements

Just like fashion, food is subject to trends, revivals and periods of frenzy. We ensure to cater for all requirements.

Workplace Refreshment Solutions

Enhance your refreshment offering with our simple to schedule weekly deliveries. Whether it’s fruit, milk, spring water, buffets or even a tasty treat box, we’ve got you covered. The great news is that all of our refreshment options are available as a one off or weekly delivery, enabling you to order to suit the needs of your employees and your workplace.

Our Technology


A dedicated separate broadband line so as not to interfere with your own internal IT systems. This connection will be used to process all payments, access the CCTV, provide live sales data and to manage digital media content.

Digital Screens

These super sharp displays provide a fantastic opportunity for you to showcase your latest news and announcements. They also double up as our ever-changing menu and promotion boards.


With our integrated CCTV, your hub can be open 24/7 with minimal concerns over security. So regardless of shift patterns, there will always be a refreshment offering available.


Our tills come equipped with a large barcode scanner and touchscreen for easy selection. Payments can be made using a variety of cashless methods, such as card, our mobile app or payment on account.


With our account card, each department can treat their team or visitors, with purchases being billed monthly. Also, why not talk to us about linking this to your door access system.

Mobile App

Our app allows you to access rewards and offers, place orders and view your account history. You can even pay for purchases in the hub by simply uploading credit, or attaching your preferred payment card.

Nothing beats a good chat over a cuppa!

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