Canteen Alternatives

A new, exciting and fresh approach to refreshments in the workplace.

Why Choose a Micro Market?

Meet the perfect workplace canteen alternative. Our hubs will help transform your current breakout area or canteen facilities in the workplace into an inviting, engaging, and rewarding space resulting in a fantastic impact on your company culture.

However, Micro Markets go way beyond snacking and chatting!

They play a key role in employee wellbeing, becoming the social hub or beating heart of your workplace as you continue to build and develop a happy and engaging environment where people love to work.

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How many of your employees go to one of the high street coffee chains on their way into the office, for meetings or to simply take a break? Now, with R+R Hub, you can bring that experience into the workplace and make it the heart of the company. We believe our hubs create a happy and engaging environment where people want to come and work, socialise, or take a break.

Our hubs boast a custom designed, unattended, cashless, self-serve checkout, where employees can make their purchases 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from a huge selection of fresh foods, snacks and beverages, giving you the perfect alternative to canteen facilities in the workplace.

They can become a powerful extension of your brand, boost your culture and act as a touchpoint for your wider company values. As our workplace canteen alternatives are designed to be totally customisable, the style, look and overall feel of your hub is up to you and your team.

It’s as simple as Grab + Scan + Go


Feeling fruity? Go with it. Perhaps you fancy a savoury snack? That’s all good with us. The choice is yours.


We like to keep things nice and easy.
Simply scan your items, then present your chosen payment method, and you’re all set!


We’ve designed the entire system to work seamlessly. It saves everyone time and hassle whilst providing great choices for all.

Micro Market Benefits

Open 24/7

As our hubs are unattended, cashless, and self-serve they are open all day, every day! So regardless of working hours or shift patterns, there will always be a refreshment offering.


Our hubs cater for all requirements, in fact, we can stock 400+ items. So whether it’s vegan nibbles, sweet treats, or hot drinks, we push to keep things interesting for your workforce.

Employee Satisfaction

Employees that know they can access high-quality refreshments and enjoy them in a vibrant and modern surroundings feel far more satisfied.

Workplace Wellbeing

A great breakout space with a fantastic freshments offering is key to building a strong workplace culture that boosts morale and staff wellbeing.

Stunning Settings

Banish those boring breakouts and workplace canteens with a stunning setting that elevates your brand. Install a hub, a heartbeat, a place where your team can catch up, collaborate and come together.

Easy Payment

Our hubs boast a contactless self serve till which is great for efficiency. We’ve even added the option to pay via our mobile app and be rewarded in the process.

Our Technology


A dedicated separate broadband line so as not to interfere with your own internal IT systems. This connection will be used to process all payments, access the CCTV, provide live sales data and to manage digital media content.

Digital Screens

These super sharp displays provide a fantastic opportunity for you to showcase your latest news and announcements. They also double up as our ever-changing menu and promotion boards.


With our integrated CCTV, your hub can be open 24/7 with minimal concerns over security. So regardless of shift patterns, there will always be a refreshment offering available.


Our tills come equipped with a large barcode scanner and touchscreen for easy selection. Payments can be made using a variety of cashless methods, such as card, our mobile app or payment on account.


With our account card, each department can treat their team or visitors, with purchases being billed monthly. Also, why not talk to us about linking this to your door access system.

Mobile App

Our app allows you to access rewards and offers, place orders and view your account history. You can even pay for purchases in the hub by simply uploading credit, or attaching your preferred payment card.

Product Variety

Our offering appreciates the complexities of diets and dietary requirements that shape the way that people eat today. We have created our options with variety firmly at the core of our offering, as we all have our favourites, and we all like to try something a little different from time to time.

Nothing beats a good chat over a cuppa!

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