A Micro Market is a revolution in workplace refreshments and can help you to completely transform the way that your workforce not only eats and drinks at work but also interacts and engages with their colleagues and their workplace environment. Offering quick and easy access to healthful, tailored food choices, the opportunities for staff satisfaction […]

historic vending

The concept at the core of both refreshment solutions is very similar – to feed employees within the workplace in a fast and effective way. Having said that, there are some stark contrasts between a micro market and a vending machine. Traditionally businesses have relied on vending machines to provide their employees with a snacking […]

low sugar

If there’s one thing that we know for certain, it’s that sugar is addictive. Whether it’s the kind that you stir into your tea, sprinkle on your pancakes or the stuff that’s hidden in all of your favourite foods and drinks, sugar is something that undeniably keeps us coming back for more. According to Public […]

Refreshment Hub

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated during the working day. It aids concentration, wards off headaches and ensures that you get the best results for your team. There are plenty of different drinks that people sip on throughout the day and on their lunch break, but what are the benefits of […]

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