New Website Launch

We're Live!

After many months of planning, researching, designing and building, we are so pleased with our fresh, new website. We built this website with you, our visitors and future customers, in mind. It was so important to us to build a user-friendly, detailed and easy to navigate site for you to browse.

Our New Video

Being a new business with a new offering we felt the best way to explain how we can help keep your workplace refreshments simple, was via a video. So if you don't have time to browse our site or if you want to show team members what we do quickly then take a look at our short video, created by Sam Lindley Photography!

Why a New Website?

Our first website was produced at speed to give us a quick online presence. We always knew it was a temporary measure and it would be something to revisit when time allowed….hello Pandemic!

The downtime from the pandemic allowed us the time to get creative and to really think about the customer journey and answer the what, how, and why before they were asked. We feel that our new website, coupled with the video, now answers those questions and shows how we really can keep your workplace refreshments very simple, cost-effective, and attractive!

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