Launching R+R Hub

Our Background

Our sister company, Cema Vending is where it all began. Taking the more traditional approach to providing refreshments in the workplace, Cema specialises in traditional vending, hot drink machines, and water solutions. They are part of the CEMA Group, established by Frank Ciaurro in 1987, and service many businesses across the East Midlands since launching back in 2004.

Why we founded R+R Hub

The idea for the Micro Market was conceived and introduced in the States in 2015. The concept took off, rapidly, and in the last 5 years over 30,000 Micro Markets have been successfully installed, replacing both traditional vending and canteen solutions. It was inevitable this tried and tested concept would come to the UK and we wanted to be a part of that journey.

We wanted to truly embrace this new concept of unattended retail within the workplace. We didn't want the offering to get lost amongst traditional vending, and the preconceived idea that vending is all chocolate and crisps. We wanted to portray the fresh and varied range that this solution brings to the workplace. So we took the decision to separate the two offerings. However, working alongside Cema Vending allows us to provide an all-encompassing refreshment solution while acting as a single point of contact for all your refreshment needs.

The Difference + Benefits

When you hear the word vending your mind goes straight to a Mars bar, a packet of French Fries, and a can of Coca-Cola, right, or is that just us?
Although the options are much wider and varied than they used to be within traditional vending, you are still limited to what items can be stocked.
Variety and freshness are key with our hubs, stocking 400+ items from a wide selection of snacks to a variety of fresh chilled and frozen meal options to fresh bean to cup coffee. We ensure to cater to the varied way people eat today.
It's not only the wide choice of products that make us different from vending, we'll also work with you to create a stunning setting that reflects and elevates your brand. Creating a hub, a place where your team can catch up, collaborate and come together. They are also completely cashless, self-serve making them 24/7, and there is a mobile app where employees can order items ahead, gain rewards and see meal deals and promotions.

Why move from vending to unattended retail?

Our hubs will help transform your current breakout or canteen facility into an inviting, engaging, and rewarding space resulting in a fantastic impact on your workplace culture. They play a key role in employee wellbeing, becoming the social hub or beating heart of your workplace as you continue to build and develop a happy and engaging environment where people love to work

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