How to promote healthy eating in the workplace

May 26, 2021

How to promote healthy eating in the workplace

We are all increasingly aware of the importance of healthy eating, but whilst we might try to work this into our personal lives, what do we do to encourage it in others? As a business owner, you have the opportunity to offer healthy eating options to your staff, and it has a wide variety of benefits both for you and them.

The way we eat and drink has changed in recent years, with more people thinking about what they eat. Whether it is something on the go or a leisurely lunch, your employees now want variety, speed and nourishment in what they eat, and it rests on your shoulders to provide it.

The benefits of healthy eating

The most obvious benefit of healthy eating is to avoid the health concerns that a poor diet can bring about. Heart disease, diabetes and anxiety are all thought to be a result of choices that are less than healthy, and these can all lead to a significant number of sick days throughout your workforce.

However, it is not just time off that it is important to think about. Did you know that the right foods can actually increase productivity? Foods which are high in sugar or carbohydrates give us that immediate lift, but the crash that comes afterwards often cancels that out. Healthy super snacks are a much better option for stimulating the brain, aiding concentration and maintaining energy levels throughout the day.

In a competitive marketplace for good staff, being an employer that cares matters. By showing your employees that you want the best for them and are prepared to offer good services and facilities you can not only encourage the best talent to join you but also retain the staff that you have.

How can R+R Hub help?

Knowing the benefits of healthy eating is one thing but implementing this in the workplace is quite another. Traditional canteens are expensive and labour intensive, whilst vending machines are limited to pre-packaged foods which do not provide fresh options. An R+R Micro Market is an ideal solution for many businesses, as it allows you to offer a wide variety of food and drink which is healthy, caters for a range of dietary requirements and does not require staffing.

Our Micro Markets can be tailored to fit whatever available space you have and branded in your own company’s style. This flexible approach provides a hub for teams to meet with fresh coffee, hot food and healthy refreshments all in a slick and bespoke design. Laid out to look like an inviting store or café, our Micro Markets are the perfect place for your employees to re-fuel, relax and recharge, ready to be at their best all day long.
We can also offer workplace food deliveries which include fruit baskets and other fresh food options to start bringing healthy eating into your office quickly and easily.

Many businesses are now finding these innovative, unmanned Micro Markets the refreshingly rewarding way to boost your staff, support their wellbeing and keep their health at your heart. Add a Micro Market to your workplace and let your employees grab, scan and go.

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