Christmas Treat Ideas In The Workplace

November 24, 2021

Christmas Treat Ideas In The Workplace

How can we help your staff relax and enjoy their time at work? With a range of Christmas themed treats! Treating your staff can be very advantageous by rewarding their hard work throughout the year and is a great way to show them you care

Food Rewards and Treats

It goes without saying, food is a great gift, it can help bring people together through shared meals, encourages conversations and creates connections. Rewarding your staff can send positive shockwaves through your company creating more positive and productive people at work. Rewards show your staff that they are valued within the company and motivates them to do more.

Festive Food Ideas

Christmas is the food capital of the year, everyone looks forward to their Christmas dinner but what can we do in the office to make our meals, until that delicious day, a little more festive? Maybe add a winter food menu!

There are so many different types of tasty food available in the Christmas season, from turkey and stuffing sandwiches to mince pies and gingerbread men. The options are almost endless and whatever your requirement, we can cater for it.

We can supply businesses with sweet treats such as Christmas themed cupcakes, chocolate cornflake mini wreaths and peppermint fudge and for those who prefer a savoury treat, we can offer pesto twists, chive & broccoli stuffed peppers and sage & prosciutto pinwheels.

Festive drinks can also add a bit of merriment to your day. Beverage syrups are a great way to add some extra oomph to your coffees or hot chocolates on a wintery day. They come in various different flavours to suit any taste and can be a great way for your staff to create their own favourite hot drinks and even share their recipes around the office.

Canteen and Vending Solutions

Who says you can’t stock your canteen or vending machine with lovely festive foods! Ordering new food for the Christmas season can be a wonderful treat for the company. Instead of going for a dull ham sandwich, you can decide on a festive version, pork and stuffing! You could stock your canteen with gingerbread men, chocolate covered pretzels and even festive cakes or other sweet treats.

As well as stocking up your canteen and vending machines, if you have hot food service at your workplace why not have a surprise staff Christmas dinner! Being able to share a lovely meal with their colleagues who they probably won’t see over the holiday is a great opportunity to get everyone in an upbeat mood.

In the run-up to Christmas, a lot of companies decide to throw an office Christmas party for everyone. Buffets are a great option for these because they give your staff the freedom of choosing what they’d like to eat and also gives them the chance to mingle and network with people without being separated by a more formal sit down meal.

How we can help

Here at R+R Hub, our goal is to help provide businesses with fresh food and produce from local companies such as The Treat Kitchen and The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company. Some of our favourites include the chocolate Christmas tree, the Belgian chocolate pizza with a personalised white chocolate plaque and the liquorice candy canes.

We can also provide services for specific events, such as our Sunday roast cob van that we have supplied to 3 client sites across the Midlands. Our vans can provide Fresh and tasty food for staff and visitors alike.

We pride ourselves in being a single point of contact for our clients by collating a range of food hampers for companies that include an incredible range of items such as, tubs of chocolate, personalised gifts for staff and even gifts for your clients!

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