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When Games Workshop opened a new distribution centre, they knew they wanted to provide the staff there with great refreshment options. At the same time, they needed a more cost-effective option than a canteen. A micro market was the obvious choice. R+R Hub created one customised specifically to both their needs and their brand.

The challenge

As a result of its continued growth, Games Workshop decided to open a new distribution centre. This currently employs approximately 150 people and is expected to grow to up to 250 people.

These employees are just as valued as the approximately 1500 employees at Games Workshop’s main base. Games Workshop was therefore very eager to ensure that the team would have access to a great break out space with a wide range of refreshments.

They wanted this space to reflect who they were as a company. They needed it to be able to grow as they did. In particular, they wanted to be able to add extra products and extra tills to support an expanding headcount.

What did we come up with?

In this project, we were starting with a blank canvas. This gave us an exciting opportunity to create something fresh and unique but also cost-effective for our client. We, therefore, headed to Games Workshop’s main base to learn about their company culture and branding. This included a visit to their in-house staff restaurant to get a feel for its atmosphere.

Putting this together with inspiration from their branding, we came up with a micro market themed to reflect Games Workshop’s products, especially Warhammer. While the overall look was very much inspired by mediaeval fantasy, the facilities were the best the 21st century has to offer.

All our hubs are designed to keep the food and drink products optimally stored. We also make sure that the scanning and payment options are easy to use, even for staff who don’t like technology. For the Games Workshop micro market, we expanded our usual offering to include a freezer. This lets staff enjoy both healthy frozen meals and delicious ice cream!

The result

The new Games Workshop hub allows staff at this satellite site to enjoy their breaks (and meetings) just as much as the staff at Games Workshop’s main site. On a practical level, the R+R hub makes sure that all staff are kept fuelled throughout the day.

Our products can be enjoyed from breakfast to dinner and there are plenty of healthy snack options. We’ve choices for people with special dietary preferences and for people with allergies.

On a deeper level, having the R+R hub allows Games Workshop’s team to enjoy the social aspects of a staff canteen. People can take lunches and breaks together. It’s also a great space for impromptu staff meetings.

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