Browne Jacobson

In just two weeks, R+R Hub installed a micro market solution for Browne Jacobson. We utilised their existing fixtures and fittings to minimise cost and time and maximise flexibility. The micro market has the potential to grow with the company. It can also be converted into a canteen in future if there is sufficient demand.

The challenge

Like many employers, Browne Jacobson was forced to close its staff canteen (called Number 44) when COVID19 hit. Also like many employers, Browne Jacobson is still very much in the process of navigating its way to a post-COVID19 “new normal”.

They knew that they needed to provide a healthy and attractive catering solution for their current on-site employees. They also knew that reopening their old canteen would be impractical given the changes to the workplace. This pointed to solutions that leveraged automation such as vending machines and self-service micro markets.

They wanted that solution to be implemented as quickly and economically as possible. They also wanted it to be flexible. In the short term, this meant being able to adapt to changing employee preferences. For example, people often want different food in summer and winter. In the long term, this meant scaling with the company.

In particular, Browne Jacobson was eager to retain as much of its existing infrastructure as possible. This was partly for reasons of cost. It was also partly to make it easier (and more affordable) to revert the new solution back into a canteen in future. They were also eager to have their new solution implemented as quickly as possible.

What did we come up with?

Browne Jacobson’s situation presented us with a unique challenge. Their need for maximum choice and a canteen-like solution clearly pointed to a micro market. The challenge is that installing a micro market generally means ripping out any existing infrastructure and starting again from scratch.

Our client had made it clear to us that this was not a feasible option for them. Firstly, they wanted to preserve their existing infrastructure. They were very eager to keep open the possibility of reopening their canteen in future. Secondly, they wanted a solution that would be implemented at minimal cost and maximum speed.

We built a completely bespoke micro market solution, utilising the client’s existing fixtures and fittings. What’s more, we finished the project in just two weeks (from the signing of the original agreement).

The result

Browne Jacobson now has a fully-functional and attractive micro market in place of its disused canteen. Their micro market can be stocked with anything from our selection of over 300 products.

Our range covers breakfasts and snacks as well as lunches (and even dinners). There are also plenty of options for those on special diets such as vegans and people with allergies. Most of the options are healthy but there are a few sweet treats too!

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